Rental equipment
Barco S3-4K Jr
- Modular card-based design
- Easy set-up with the cross-platform Event Master Toolset,
providing a step-by-step approach to system configuration
- Serviceable in the field and ready for future signal
 interfaces via the modular Event Master cards
- Dual, redundant power supplies for maximum peace of mind
- Widescreen blending support
Barco EC-50
- Cost-effective alternative to a full-sized controller
- Full-control USB device for Event Master GUI
- Internal 15.6-inch wide touch screen with 10 point multi-touch
- 36 assignable buttons with customizable LCD display
- 8 dedicated layer selection buttons and dedicated background layer button
- 12 user-definable destination buttons with multi-page functionality
- High-resolution T-Bar
- Auto-ranging mains input (90-250 VAC)
Transparent LED Screen
- Pixel pitch                   3.91mm 
- Size of module             500mm*125mm 
- Resolution of module     128*16 
- Size of cabinet             1000*500mm      
- Resolution of Cabinet     256*64


Barco Screen Pro II HD

- 10 Scalable Inputs / 2 Non-Scalable
- 2 Scalers
- SDI / DVI / HD-Convertible 15-Pin Inputs
- 3 Linked Program Outs
- EOC Adds Memory and SDI / YUV Outputs
- 10-Bit Athena Processor / 4 Image Layers
- Supports up to 2048 x 1080p
- Instant Transition Times
- Three Input Field Low Processing Delay

LED Screen P4 Outdoor
- Pixel pitch 4.8mm
- Size of module 250mm x 250mm
- Resolution of module 52 x 52
- Size of cabinet 500mm x 500mm x 98mm 
- Resolution of cabinet 104 x 104
Barco PDS902 3G

- Professional Scaler / Sampless switcher
- Input SDI (3G/HD/SD); DVI /HDMI; Analog VGA
- Output SDI (3G/HD/SD); DVI/HDMI; Analog VGA

[ MÀN GAUZE + MÀN LED + MAPPING] Cle' De Peau Beaute'

Một sự kết hợp độc đáo giữa Màn Led, Màn Gauze và Mapping tạo nên một tiết mục đặc sắc và đầy cảm xúc trong buổi ra mắt sản phẩm mới của thương hiệu Chìa Khóa Của Làn Da Đẹp với chủ đề '' Đánh Thức Đến Từng Cảm Xúc".


Place: Gem Center

Used: 100m2 LED P5 and 2 projectors 20.000

Time: 30/9/2016 and 01/10/2016

Ledtec Asia 2016 Exhibition

Place: I.C.E Exhibition

Time: 28-30/09/2016

Use 30m2 led P5

Toyota Innova Press Lauch Conference

Show: Toyota Innova Conference

Held: JW Marriott

Time: 18/07/2016

Used 50m2 P3