Wings Platinum - Multi Display Solutions

Multidisplay presentations - Softedge projection - Real time rendering - Frame synchronized - Live video/TV - Show Control - Multi-channel audio - Videos in HD quality - Production and presentation

Unlimited number of display devices and pixel resolution

The number of displays within a presentation network is unlimited, provided that a sufficient number of slave computers are available.

Warping for projection on curved, uneven or off-angle screens

 The Warp function allows the entire screen contents or individual multidisplay areas to be warped so as to geometrically adjust the projected image to curved or uneven projection areas. Also, distortions produced by projection lenses, which have a double effect on the overlap areas, can be compensated for. Warping is possible on two separate levels for screen and displays, with a combination of both also being possible. For Display Warp you can choose between Uniform Warp and   Individual Warp for every individual displa

Seamless soft-edge blending horizontally and vertically

The softedge masks for the overlapping areas are automatically created when opening a multidisplay project. Fine-adjustment of the softedge masks is done centrally for all overlaps. Individual masks for every individual projector is also an option. Editing of the Softedge masks in realtime is possible for immediate and perfect results.